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The National Longitudinal School-Level State Assessment Score Database (NLSLSASD) is an effort funded by the US Department of Education to collect and refine data from state testing programs across the country.  The database contains assessment scores for approximately 90,000 public schools in the U.S. up to 2005.  This site is designed for easy retrieval of the data and supporting documentation. The navigation bar to the left allows for direct access to the data files, documentation and reports.

  • Data Files - The NLSLSASD data are organized by state, individually presented as SAS files and text files in CSV (comma separated values) format. The CSV files are suitable for use with statistical programs or data management applications that can import a CSV text file. SAS programs to convert each state file are also available.
  • Documentation - Comprehensive information about individual state assessment programs and tables describing the characteristics of the database are available from the Documentation tab.  Individual state profiles include a description of available data (e.g., grades and subjects, dissaggregation groups, names and types of assessments), suppression rules and information about changes to the data or assessment program across years.
  • Reports - Papers and presentations based on analyses using the NLSLSASD can be accessed through the Reports tab.
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